4 Ways In Which Water Can Get Sick

Over 50% of our body is water. That is why we need so much water. Whether we need to drink water alone or as we eat foods rich in water, it is important to bring the body optimal amount of fluid that needs to be healthy.

But there is a danger that the water you drink you get sick. Here are the main source of problems in terms of water you drink.

1. Bisphenol A
It all bisphenol A or BPA discuss, substance contained in plastic containers. Already in contact with food or liquids they drink, this chemical can put your life at risk. Most likely children are babies. To diminish the risk, read labels and choose the ones that do not contain BPA. Also avoid leaving in the sun in plastic containers in the microwave drink water or heating. Even using the dishwasher in the case of plastic containers can cause changes in hazardous chemicals contained therein.

2. Washing reusable containers

If you’ve purchased a special container for liquids, do not forget to wash it. He can turn easily into an ideal home for bacteria. Use hot water after each use special liquid dish. Then leave to dry container. DO NOT use a container that you just washed.

3. Water from the shower

Have you ever drank water from the shower? If you have this habit, it would be better to STOP. Water from the shower is an environment for bacterial growth.

4. Too much water

Rarely, but over hydration add to the pressure the body. Consuming more water than you should, you lose a lot of body salts and you risk fall into a coma. Conclusion: everything must be consumed in moderation without exaggeration.

Conclusion: everything and must be consumed in moderation without exaggeration.

And be healthy and happy and enjoy life.

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